Where is this Albania actually?

Albania sounds intriguing. Is it a country, a city or maybe a region? Of course, this is a country located on the Balkan Peninsula. Although only a few years ago only daredevils decided to travel to Albania, today it is visited by more and more tourists from different parts of the world. Albania has simply become fashionable!

Albania is not a big country located in southern Europe, specifically in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula. It neighbors with countries such as Greece, Northern Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, and by the sea road with Italy. It covers the waters of the Adriatic and Ionian Sea, which is definitely important for everyone who loves sea bathing. I definitely belong to them and whenever I can, I jump into the water to swim a little.

The capital of Albania is Tirana. It is the largest city that is currently experiencing an absolute construction boom and tourists’ attack. Here the political and cultural life of the country goes on, and young people come to study. There are many museums in Tirana, also those that present the not so old socialist history of Albania.

Tirana is located in the central part of Albania, only 30 kilometers from the coastal city of Durres. The city was founded in 1614, and throughout its turbulent history it was after the Italian occupation (during World War II) and until 1991 it was under the rule of the communist authorities.

The currency used by Albanians is lek. Converting to Polish Zloties, one can assume that 100 lek are about 3 PLN. Of course, the exact conversion depends on the current exchange rate. If you’re wondering if it’s easy to change money in Albania, the answer is YES! There are many exchange offices and banks in tourist destinations such as Berat or Sarande. Recently, there has been a possibility to pay in stores for purchases in EURO, and the saleswomen will give us the change in the local currency at the exchange rate! It’s really very useful if we’ve just landed in Albania and we don’t have the money listed yet!

Albania is a place where Muslims make up the majority, but live in perfect harmony with Catholics and Orthodox. Traveling around the country, we will notice mosques , but what can be said for sure is that they do not tower above cities. They are part of them, but they do not overwhelm with their size. What’s more, there are no Islamic ghettos, terrorism or sharia calls. Here people live in harmony and together, shoulder to shoulder they build a new country.

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