Hi! My name is Marta and you know what? I love traveling!

I visited many interesting places before traveling to them became popular. One of them was Albania, which I still remember as a country where asphalt roads were a minority, and in the whole country there were only two campsites where you could stay with a tent! Today is completely different, and Albania has become a travel destination for people from all over the world.

What can I tell you about myself? I work with text every day and I’m a freak of everything that is online. I fall asleep and wake up with my phone, but when holidays comes, I turn it off for a moment and … relax! I love sunbathing and swimming among the sea waves – provided that the water has more than 20C. I also like to get into my red Beetle and rush ahead.

A few years ago I fell in love with yoga and I still practice it whenever I can. Greeting the sun? Cool, I’m doing somehow! I’m crazy and positive person. That is why I would like to share the joy of life with you, I will infect you with optimism and, above all, bring you closer to Albania – a country definitely worth visiting!

Shihemi ne gjurmet shqiptare!

(See you on the Albanian trail!)

Hello! My name is Mira. I live in a nice and unexplored country that keeps improving every year. Yes it’s Albania!

I was born and raised in a communist country, and during my life I saw democracy being born. I survived a lot and I want to tell you about it. I am a teacher, but in my spare time she deals with guiding tourists. As a guide, I can share our history, show wonderful places. It brings me great joy! I love traditional dishes.

I cook a lot for my family myself. It helps me to keep our family recipes, but also to teach my children what tradition is, also on the table. In my free time I love to fish, and there are plenty of them in Albania!